Moments by Carol Leigh™ Ultra Gentle Cleanser Lotion

Moments by Carol Leigh™ Ultra Gentle Cleanser Lotion

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Sensitive: Normal to Dry, Rosacea-Prone

  • Gently dissolves makeup and other impurities
  • Keeps skin's protective barrier intact during cleansing
  • Dermatologist-tested for irritancy and sensitivity, Fragrance-free 
  • Ultra-mild, gentle cleansing
  • Dissolves makeup instantly 
  • Cleans deep within pores 
  • Rinses completely so toner is not required 
  • Skin feels ultra soft, fresh and comfortable (signs that skin’s protective barrier is still intact after cleansing)

Gently dissolve makeup and other impurities that can irritate sensitive skin, without disturbing its crucial protective barrier This water-rinseable cleansing lotion rinses easily with warm water, so sensitive skin gets minimal contact during the cleansing process, and rinses completely, so skin isn’t exposed to the trauma of a toner.

Sensitive skin feels remarkably clean, fresh and moist, without the signs of irritation experienced with other cleansing systems.

Does not contain fragrance, essential oils, colorants, volatile alcohols, urea, sulfates, acids, strong emulsifiers, lanolins, mineral oils, parabens or other commonly used sensitizers.

Action/Full Ingredients: