Moments by Carol Leigh™ Stress Recovery Complex

Moments by Carol Leigh™ Stress Recovery Complex

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For Any Skin Under Stress Sensitive | Acne-prone | Visibly red | Aging due to stress | Rosacea-prone | Itchy, irritated | Sluggish, lackluster | Lined, wrinkled | Dehydrated

  • Controls and limit skin's adverse reactions to stress
  • Targets stress‐related aging and skin sensitivity
  • Rapidly improves hydration‐keeps skin soft, moist and calm
  • Reduces “stress breakouts”
  • Calms “stress redness” 
  • Slows signs of “stress aging”
  • Relaxes “tension wrinkles” 
  • Revives skin’s natural moisture
  • Reduces or eliminates sensitivity

Stress Recovery Complex interrupts the stress cycle, letting skin stay in control even under the most intense situations Anxiety, tension and emotional stress are common in today’s society.

The insidious nature of stress affects every element of the skin, from pores to proteins to the DNA locked within every cell. Stress affects every cell in our bodies and amplifies existing skin problems. It causes everything from breakouts to prolonged redness to an acceleration of the skin’s aging process by as much as 6-10 years – making stress the 2nd greatest influence on aging, second only to sunlight.

In a poll of U.S. dermatologists, it was found that 80% of patients had conditions that were aggravated or induced by stress.

Stress Recovery Complex features a new class of patented and patent-pending ingredients based on the field of neuro-immuno-dermatology. In combination, this ingredient trio is designed to calm signs of emotional stress via interaction with stress-related hormones and neuropeptides.

Stress Recovery Complex improves skin smoothness, redness, discomfort, dehydration and skin tightness within several hours to one week of beginning twice-daily application of the complex.

Does not contain synthetic fragrance, colorants or parabens.

Action/Full Ingredients: