Moments by Carol Leigh™ Soothing Gel Masque

Moments by Carol Leigh™ Soothing Gel Masque

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All Skin Types: Sensitive, Dehydrated, Visibly Irritated

  • Comforting moisture and repair in minutes
  • Minimizes visible redness in 5-10 minutes
  • Cools instantly
  • Potent blend of hydrating Panthenol & ultra-soothing Sea Whip
  • Excellent massage masque for facial treatments

Deliver comforting moisture and repair-support to any skin type in minutes with this instantly cooling high potency blend of hydrating Panthenol, calming Allantoin and ultra-soothing Sea Whip Acts within minutes for hours of relief.

Excellent for after over exposure to the sun, and sunburns.

Does not contain fragrance, preservatives or parabens. Dermatologist-tested.

Action/Full Ingredients: