Moments by Carol Leigh™ Moisture Replenishing Creme

Moments by Carol Leigh™ Moisture Replenishing Creme

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Skin Type: Normal, Dry ,Oily  and Combination skin.

This light weight Creme, is a "smart" moisturizer!

European studies prove the balancing ingredient in this buttery – yet greaseless creme works with skin’s natural moisturizing lipids to normalize oily skin in only 15 days and dry skin within 45 days.

The result? One of the world’s only “smart” moisturizers. Wear it 24-hours-a-day to give any skin perfect moisture control.

Saturated with skin-revitalizing Vitamin A, sun-damage-correcting Vitamin C and three types of moisturizing, age-fighting Vitamin E, Moisture Replenishing Creme forms a cushiony reservoir of moisture between cells that leaves skin comfortably moist and soft!

Does not contain mineral oil, petrolatum, lanolin, synthetic fragrance, colorants or parabens

Action Ingredients:

Farnesol Complex | helps normalize oily skin in 15 days, dry skin in 45 days

Tocopheryl Linoleate | moisturizing Vitamin E, delivers a comforting reservoir of moisture between skin cells for up to 20 hours

Retinyl Palmitate | stabilized ester of Vitamin A helps smooth fine lines and surface wrinkles

Ascorbyl Methylsilanol Pectinate | stabilized, time-released Vitamin C helps fight sun damage

Action/Full Ingredients: