Moments by Carol Leigh™ Equalizing Serum

Moments by Carol Leigh™ Equalizing Serum

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All skin types: Rough, porous skin | Poor barrier function | Fine surface lines | Uneven makeup application Environmentally-exposed 

For Flawless Makeup

  • Protects and perfects for flawless makeup
  • Seals skin from dryness and irritants
  • Gives even the roughest, most porous skin a smooth-as-glass finish
  • Skin feels moist, supple and exceptionally comfortable — inside and out
  • Skin often becomes less sensitive over time

Strengthens skin’s natural moisture barrier and reduces sensitivity | Provides a shield against harsh or drying environments, and creates a smooth-as-glass finish for flawless makeup.

Equalizing Serum glides over the skin like a rich, luxurious oil. Yet, after only two minutes, even the roughest skin feels ultra smooth, refined and retexturized – with no trace of oil. Oily skin appears to produce less shine – dry skin experiences a renewed vitality from prolonged moisture control.

For the longest shelf-life, store Equalizing Serum in a dark, cool environment.

Does not contain colorants or preservatives.

Action/Full Ingredients: