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Moments by Carol Leigh™ Botanical Skincare

Created by a Licensed Esthetician, and Cosmetic Chemist

“Wisdom of Nature.” Our skincare products combine the Wisdom of Nature with the innovation and power of science. Serving Chicagoland since 2006

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Moments By Carol Leigh™ Botanical Skincare products:

Complexes and Serums

Moments by Carol Leigh™ skincare uses performance-proven ingredients—that is, our skincare products contain effective levels of performance-proven ingredients, not just the ingredient "trend of the moment" at low levels and fillers. Moments by Carol Leigh™ products are formulated at the same high effective level of proven ingredients used during our testing process. This is what makes our skincare standout.  


100% Loose Mineral Foundation & Blush

Moments by Carol Leigh loose, micronized mineral powders have an exceptional silky texture. These powders form a protective barrier on the skin which promotes healing while allowing the skin to breathe. Key ingredients titanium dioxide and zinc oxide also provide non-irritating, natural sun protection.


FRL: Anti-Aging Correctors, Masks & Moisturizers

A master class in youth restoration,
Moments by Carol Leigh™ FRL offers, multifunctional concentrates designed to Firm, Reidentify, Lift (FRL) and illuminate your skin to new heights. Featuring our FRL-6 Complex, a remarkable blend of 6 unique, age-corrective technologies that deliver multi-targeted actions to correct visible aging in all skin types .


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Product Consult By: Licensed Esthetician

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